2015 is the year that your business can be propelled. You’re more than just an office, you’re a team, you’re partners, clients, customers, friends, and we’re all in this together. Document Technologies is providing you office equipment solutions as well as effective document management tools and Managed Print Services. You’ve heard this a hundred times from our website but do you really know how it can help your business? These programs are not just for your print environment but for the overall success of your business.

Internal business solutions is like a waterfall; one change affects several others. Take Managed Print Services for example. When you invest in MPS in the office, it affects your print environment through assessment, organization, and solution. One aspect of MPS is an Office Assessment that picks apart your print patterns and environment to identify what you’re printing, who’s printing, how much you’re printing, and where there are areas of improvement. This usually becomes a cost savings of some sort as many businesses become aware of waste. This cost savings transfers into savings elsewhere; in paper, energy, time, and, of course, money.

One of the many reasons that Xerox has been so successful is their incredible adaptive tendencies. As a business, it’s imperative that you change with the times, technologically and strategically. Xerox is helping businesses to do just that with programs that keep you connected. ConnectKey is reinventing the way you use your multifunction printers. Thanks to innovative new technologies, you can do more than copy, print, fax, scan, you can connect directly to your cloud service. Gradually go paperless by scanning and downloading directly to Office 365, Dropbox, or similar service. Tailor your ConnectKey applications to your business with the ease of “one touch and done!”

Let’s make 2015 the year we all paint our offices green. Become an active user of recycling programs in your area. Did you know that many of your empty cartridges are recyclable? Simply send it back with a printable slip and do your part for the community and environment. There’s no better time to start than now. Make green the official color of 2015 in your office. Remember, every little bit helps!

Document Technologies is helping build better business. From providing the best selection in office equipment to implementing effective management solutions, our team is helping you thrive. Propel yourself in 2015.