“Toner Phoner” scams are targeting existing Xerox customers across the country. By posing as Xerox representatives, these frauds are getting business information and then sending companies products that they didn’t order and charging astronomical amounts for them. It’s a scary and costly concept that, unfortunately has fooled a lot of people. Document Technologies is committed to the safety and security of your business and have outlined a few easy, proactive steps to protect your business from hassling “Toner Phoners”.

Be Alert

Knowing who you’re working with is the first and most successful step. Telemarketers misrepresent themselves as Xerox representatives but usually lack any of the professional knowledge. Shouldn’t your representative already know your information? Be wary of any odd questions such as specific company information that they should already have on file.

Know your Xerox team. Be familiar with who you’re working with. This ensures not only a cohesive working relationship but can immediately make the difference during one of these phone calls. If you’ve never heard from the caller or have seen that telephone number, this is your first indication that something strange may be happening.

Questions to Ask

Ask the caller specific questions to prove that they’re genuine. Always ask for their name, company name, and call back information. Also ask in depth questions such as, “Will there be any additional charges other than state and local taxes?” Their answers will determine whether or not they’re trustworthy and will help you gauge their legitimacy.

Have a Plan

If you haven’t already, designate employees within your organization whose responsibility it is to order supplies, check pricing, and ensure product delivery. Don’t be pressured into paying invoices for products that you never ordered. Fraudulent telemarketers are often aggressive and may be forceful in their demands. Stay calm and firm during pressured situations.

Contact Xerox Corporate Security at 1-888-434-2020 if you suspect that your business has been targeted. Doing so can help your company as well as future one.