The New Year always brings a few certainties with it. Your friends and family (and possibly you) will be committed to new resolutions, the beginning of January will go slow as a result of post-holiday slumps, and of course, there will be a resurgence in business trends.

How can your business ensure its success. Well, following and practicing some emerging trends for 2017 isn’t a bad place to start. Xerox is paving the way for businesses to take advantage of everything that the New Year has to offer.

None of these are particularly innovative, but they do work. Participating in these 4 trends for the entire year will boost sales, productivity, and make work fun again.

Technology with YOU in Mind

From the outside, it may look like corporations run the economic world but it is truly with small businesses where our strength lies. Technology isn’t forgetting the “little guys”. In fact, there have been many innovations specifically for the support and growth of small businesses.

Xerox has implemented new features within already award-winning products to help your office thrive. The Xerox Phaser® 6510 color printer and Xerox WorkCentre® 6515 color multifunction printer are both heavy hitters as their ease and accessibility are a powerhouse for productivity.

Generating Leads with Social Media

It’s time to give social media the attention it deserves. Online campaigns are one of the most successful, yet underutilized, lead generators. Make a resolutions this year to go digital and see results.

  • In 2015, a survey by the Halverson Group on behalf of IZEA found that paid social media advertising is more effective than traditional advertising.
  • In 2016, 73% of businesses were using social media marketing to promote their businesses.

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage directly with your audience. Take advantage of it!

Saying “Yes!” to Digital Marketing

Nearly half (44%) of all small and mid-size businesses are engaged in digital marketing.

Just like social media, digital marketing hasn’t been given the time of day. All of that will change in 2017. Digital marketing is affordable and scale-able, something that seems to be lacking in traditional forms of media. Small businesses can budget wisely and spend their money where their ads and offers will be seen. Invest in a digital marketing budget and explore avenues you may have not known existed.

Building a Better Budget

It’s time to build a budget fit for you! When you’re first starting your company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We usually fly a little unevenly during that first year but as success grows and your client base grows, it’s vital that your yearly budget becomes air tight.

A recent survey from the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) found that 16% of small business owners are expecting higher sales and better business conditions in 2017 and that they’re actively planning job creation and expansions to fit those expectations.

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You, Me, and 2017

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