It’s not ghouls and goblins you need to be scared of this season. Sneaky culprits, invisible and otherwise, are gobbling up cost, stealing products, and causing mayhem around the nation. Protect your office today and focus on Treats, not just Tricks!

Office equipment may not seem like “hot items” but thieves are working their way through businesses and racking up quite a bill. Is your office protected?

Discover the most popular equipment that’s on a thieving radar and take simple precautions to protect them.

The Short List

Xerox is offering four ways you can protect your office while you control cost.

  • Maintain tight controls, just as you do for your own valuable business items.
  • Store printer supplies in a secure location.
  • Limit who can gain entry to that location.
  • Assign someone to be responsible for the keeping an inventory listing of supplies on hand.

Implementing these easy steps will make a world of difference in your office. Maintain a tight ship and discover how your operations can thrive. Planning and being proactive with security settings will propel your business and give you peace of mind.

Know what’s “hot” right now. Toner, which may surprise you, is a common item of theft.

Xerox offers a sobering example; “Consider this: if a can of coffee was worth $300, would you stack four of them next to the coffee pot?

The answer is no.

Protect valuable office equipment and devices in a secure location with a slim, trustworthy list of those who can enter.

Mash Monsters with DocTech

Document Technologies is helping you manage your office securely! Our team will work with you and your IT department to ensure that your business environment is secure yet accessible. Contact us today and discover what we can offer your business