Is your business ready for the future?

It’s always within arm’s reach, the potential of more and new. Businesses are adapting faster than they ever have before, thanks to gadgets, innovations, and an endless stream of new technologies.

Don’t be intimidated by the influx of the New and The Shiny. Embrace the best new choices for your business. It’s not all superfluous, after all.

Together with help from Xerox, we are taking you thorough the next phase in office equipment. It’s not so much the office equipment that’s getting a makeover, as it’s features!

Innovations from the brightest minds at Xerox are creating new software and shortcuts to build a better device for your office. Think Six Million Dollar Man; “We can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

Our team is bringing next-level service to your Boston business. Trust us, these are 5 features you won’t want to miss.

Ready, Set, Mobile!

Xerox is the first name in printer mobility! We are excited to offer mobile printing initiatives right in your office. Print anytime, anywhere, and enjoy the freedom of choice.

It’s come a long way from the initial prototype and, today, Xerox printers can be connected to your mobile device through an easy-to-use app. It’s as easy as sending an email! Put the power in the palm of your hand with wireless, mobile printing.

Reach for the Cloud

The Cloud is the latest business craze and for good reason! Imagine being able to find, print, or scan documents directly to your cloud service of choice. Now you can, with additional printer features from Xerox. Choose from popular services like Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and Dropbox.

Make Printing a Priority

Say goodbye to printer’s that quit. It’s the most frustrating thing to deal with in the office, a printer that decides that it’s not going to work correctly. Xerox is taking the mystery out of printing and clearing the roadways, so to speak. Many printer jams occur when there is a discrepancy in the queue. Find a reliable printer that keeps your print jobs in order, eliminating time-wasting jams.

Color Me Efficient

A splash of color in the right place can pack a punch, but what happens when you don’t need to add a colorful palette to the page? With Xerox ConnectKey, you no longer need to waste color. Save on costs by setting permissions so you can control the access to color printing. Hidden costs can hide in the nooks and crannies of your office. Don’t let your printer be one of them.

Help is On the Way

Let your printer be the change you need. With many Xerox ConnectKey MFP’s, help is right on the panel of your device. Imagine being able to troubleshoot right from the device or, better yet, your desk!

Features for the Future

Document Technologies is your local, Authorized Xerox Agent that’s giving you the latest in office ingenuity. You can become a part of our services by simply contacting us today. We are ready to answer any and all of your questions concerning you print environment, office solutions, upgrades and more.

Document Technologies is helping Boston businesses work efficiently and effectively so you can focus on what really matters; your customers.