To scan, or not to scan. Is that the question?

Scanning is perhaps the most underutilized feature in the office. Your employees print, copy, and some (a few) even fax. Scanning though has so many benefits, is cost-efficient, and yes, will boost your productivity.

Xerox has identified several ways that scanning is going to transform your business.

1. Scan to Email

One of the biggest tools in the office is your email. Use it! Scan to e-mail is a feature that lets users scan a document on a printer and send it to the email of your choice. Once sent, users can view and save the document, eliminating the need for unnecessary prints. Imagine being able to clear your desk without sacrificing the information you need!

2. Downsize and Double

The days of lugging your laptop around is over. Download the Xerox® Mobile Link App to create a flexible link between your smart phone, desktop, and printer. That’s right, you can scan from the palm of your hand. One-touch features are the future of your office.

3. Sharing is Caring

We all know the old adage, “sharing is caring.” It has never rung more true than today. Xerox® ConnectKey® for DocuShare® allows user to scan and route documents to DocuShare folders, the cloud, and other digital features. That means less steps, less room for mistakes, and improved productivity. That sounds pretty good to us!

4. Scan & Store Digitally

Did you know that in 2013, a horrifying 50% of business professionals spent their time looking for information. On average, it takes 18 minutes to find a single document. Start scanning and cut that time down! ConnectKey® enabled multi-function printers reduce the reliance on paper by capturing key information with scanning features that simplify workflows.

5. Make Scanning a Habit

Don’t use it and lose it! Make scanning a habit for you and your team. Become dedicated digital wranglers and you will experience more time, better processes, and digital documents at your fingertips.

6. One-Touch Workflows

One-touch is the way of the future. ConnectKey enabled MFPs allow you to create customized, one-touch digital workflows using the front panel interface on your multi-function printer.

MPS in Boston

Document Technologies is helping you manage your office! We think far past the office devices and take your security in mind as well. We will work with you and your IT department to ensure that your business environment is secure yet accessible. Our team works with your team to help you connect your systems, train your employees, and discover what Xerox has to offer your business.


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