Doesn’t it feel like the days are getting shorter?

A busy schedule, constant commotion and, hello, a business to run has certainly raised an interesting question.

How can I manage my time?!

Technology is both the answer and the culprit. Our digital way of life is keeping us connected and communicating, but it is also draining our bodies. The light of our phones, the hum of our laptops, and the vibration of our phones are constant distractions.

We can’t completely blame technology though. Like most things, moderation is key.

In fact, technology has the ability to help us with our time management!

We’re not flip-flopping! When used responsibly, innovations in technology help businesses run remotely. It may sound like one, measly benefit but it’s huge! Working remotely or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is allowing employees to work from home, work on the road, and settle customer issues at the click of a button.

Instead of completely condemning technology, why not use it to manage our time!

Innovations in the workplace are truly making it easier to maintain the speed needed in the Go!Go!Go! world today. Used correctly, apps, mobile-friendly work initiatives, and BYOD eases our workloads and make our days palatable.

Need inspiration? Document Technologies is helping you get where you need to be.

Let’s Get Organized

Calendars, Appointments, Meetings–Oh, my!

Instead of pulling your hair out when those busier-than-usual days roll around, be ready for them! Our laptops and phones are organization gurus. Use them! At the beginning of the week, month, or heck, even year, organize your devices and program important dates, appointments, etc., so you’re never caught unaware. Use cloud-based programs like Google Drive to create folders, share them with your team or even your clients. Imagine everything you need in one place!

Ready, Set, Goal!

What do Hope Solo and Lionel Messi have in common?

They both shoot goals!

A study by Bersin & Associates found that companies who regularly revisit their goals have 30% greater impact from goal-setting processes than companies who review them annually.

The idea is simple and effective: set weekly, monthly, and annual goals and achieve them! Meet with your team and set exciting, realistic goals for yourself. Keep track of them on a creative board, poster, or email blast and stay progressive.

Phone Home

Use the force, Luke. Wait–no! The technology! Use the technology!

Stay up-to-date with apps and programs that you can use in lieu of the office. Mobile phones are smarter than ever before. An office that fits in your pocket is worth utilizing. Download the apps of programs that you use frequently and do as much as you can through them.

Document Technologies is helping you manage your office securely! Our team will work with you and your IT department to ensure that your business environment is secure yet accessible. Contact us today and discover what we can offer your business