Technology has transformed the way we work, when we work, and the procedural process. Which used to be simply pen and paper has shifted dramatically, more so in the last decade or so. This emergence into a digital work world is as breathtaking as it is frustrating. Find your balance in every day practices by implementing a few tips and tricks.

In such a connected lifestyle, moderation and focus are vital components to a productive and efficient office. Technology serves as multiple function which is where the tantalizing Internet can be an enormous distraction. Remember, it’s not our gadget’s fault, that lies with us. Don’t let technology hinder you, but propel you!

Going, Going, Gone! 

Setting goals at the beginning of the moth or quarter is an excellent way to map out what you want to achieve during the year. The key is not to just make goals, but to achieve them. A study from Bersin & Associates found that companies who regularly revisited their goals had a 30% greater impact from goal-setting processes than companies who only review them annually. It’s simple; set goals and reach them! Know what you’re company is up against, your employees’ work patterns, and set realistic, but playfully challenging, goals for yourself.

“Now where did I put that…?” 

It’s only February! If you haven’t already, give your desk a preemptive spring cleaning. De-clutter your desk as well as your laptop, desktop, and mobile. Organize your email, get rid of those apps that you never open, and breathe a little easier.


Don’t be afraid to use your tech! Utilize programs and processes to make the most of every day. Well-meaning shortcuts can maximize your time and find the tools that will work for you. Document Technologies and Xerox is helping businesses work smart with digital initiatives, Bring Your Own Device components, and more!

Document Technologies is helping Boston businesses work efficiently and effectively so you can focus on what really matters; your customers. For any and all of your office needs, give us a call! We’re ready to help! Whether you’re a small business, midsized, or large corporation, we have office solutions that are right for you.


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