There are a lot of things to consider when you’re thinking of investing in high-volume printers, one of which is the choice between toner and inkjet. When it comes to production printing, your choice between toner based machines and inkjet fleets can be compared by their total cost of operation, as well as the differences in staff, workload, and various other aspects and nuances of the machine, according to Howie Fenton. The subtle factors are the trickiest to compare but thankfully, professionals are helping SMB and large business’s sort through and pick out what we need to be looking for when it comes to our production printers.

Howie Fenton has been in the graphic communications industry for over 25 years and has become a voice of authority in all things printing, with focuses in operational production and digital printing. He has identified some key considerations when it comes to comparing toner and inkjet fleets.

1. In general, inkjet presses are usually more productive and cost efficient, however the size of their workload determines its cost efficiency. Large workloads equals more cost effectiveness. What sort of volume does your business have?

2. Think about your staffing the square footage of your space? What is more efficient, twelve machines or four high speed devices?

3. Don’t forget about those energy and electricity bills! Inkjet machines can drastically increase your electricity bills depending on where it’s located.

4. Consider paper costs and which devices may have an environmentally friendly alternative.

5. What’s inside your machine? Depending on your choice, you may have reusable or self-service options. This is a big saver on parts and travel costs.

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