Document Management is being redefined thanks to new programs and tools from Xerox. Automated Document Management is the latest endeavor from Xerox Solutions and it is changing the office world in 3 distinct ways.


Printing is being reevaluated and rediscovered by businesses all over the country. Xerox is capitalizing on this need and making it better than ever by focusing on 3 key areas:

1. Assess and Optimize

2. Security and Integration

3. Automating and Simplifying Processes

Enterprises are “struggling with the content explosion around them. As a result of that, people are printing more, especially as a percentage of the content [that they have]. The amount of printed content is going up. So a lot of customers are saying help us bring this down, help us get to a more digital environment and speed up key processes,” Mike Feldman, president of large enterprise operations for Xerox Services, tells CMS Wire.


Data is a large part of efficient document management and Xerox hasn’t forgotten about that. Xerox has developed technologies to manage structured and unstructured data processes in a variety of businesses and settings.

“It’s effectively taking the multifunction [printer] devices on the road. My iPhone can now manage the multifunction [printer] devices. After I put the document into my MFP, I can do anything with it with the contacts in my phone. I can even have distribution lists set up before I start.”


Xerox is innovative and adapting to current trends. It’s part of the reason they’ve been a leader for decades. Mobile apps have become and integral part of the business world. Just so, Xerox has created and is offering automated apps that are helping businesses in their every day.

“What they are really saying is help me improve my productivity, help me, deal with the content explosions and the information management we are challenged with and help us making this a better place for my employees.”