In Boston, an Office Assessment can make the most of your business and maximize your productivity. But how does it work? At its cores, an office assessment identifies areas of opportunities, hidden costs, and pinpoint unnecessary waste. Don’t be fooled into thinking that an office assessment is unnecessary when, in reality, it can make the difference in your budget, workload, and device performance. Office assessments focus on four main areas; supplies, hidden costs, device proliferation, and management process. Through each of these areas, our experienced technicians will guide your business and help you sort through your device’s issues and work towards a solution. There are four different level of assessments that you should be aware of.

Level 1: Self-Guided Web-Based Assessment

This is always available to businesses of every size on This is Xerox’s free Office Efficiency Calculator which provides your business with an estimate of your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and cost per page depending on your industry.

Level 2: Business Case Development

The second level of an office assessment gives your business a more accurate analysis and data collection that helps you map up your businesses progress by floor or building, users, and scenarios are explored to see what impacts you TCO and ROI. User-Based Tracking is a phenomenal way to see how each device is used by user, including paper sizes, color, stapling, etc.

Level 3: End User “Voice of Customer”

The third level is an extension of gathering end-user data but incorporating their output experience such as deadlines, needs, and identify opportunities of improvement. This also includes Business Process and Workflow Analysis which maps workflow, information, and works towards a solution for every point of the process.

Level 4: Lean Six Sigma Assessment

The fourth level of office assessments uses the most comprehensive assessment and include the previous three levels of assessment. It delves into Xerox’s key metrics:

  • Employees per device and device utilization
  • Cost per page and age of device
  • Hard output and infrastructure costs
  • Total cost per employee

All four levels aim to create a better, more consistent print environment for your business. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with your local Boston Authorized Xerox Agent.