Solid Ink technology is shaping the way we print and lessening our global impact. Innovations in technology, particularly towards a Greener future, is what’s made Xerox a trusted industry favorite. Today, Solid Ink is reducing waste while also producing vibrant, high quality results. Discover more about Solid Ink Technology and check out this historical timeline provided by Xerox.

1946 – Tektronix is founded in 1946 in Portland, Oregon. In addition to oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and video testing equipment, they make imaging and printing technologies.

1986 – Tektronix embarks on a journey to solve the No. 1 customer complaint about color printing: high page costs.

1986-1991 – Tektronix experiments with thermal inkjet with aqueous (water-based) ink limitations. And Piezo inkjet, which was the basis of Solid Ink waterless inkjet technology and causes fewer issues like show-through or paper curl.

1991 – Tektronix launches its first Solid Ink product: Tektronix Phaser III. It prints about 1 page per minute in brilliant, graphic arts-quality color and is wildly successful.

1999 – Tektronix conceptualizes its first tabloid/A3-size Solid Ink product.

2000 – Xerox acquires the Color Printing and Imaging Division of Tektronix.

2005 – The first letter-sized/A4 Solid Ink multifunction printer, the WorkCentre C2424, enters the marketplace.

2007 – Xerox introduces the Phaser 8860 Solid Ink printer, which produces color pages for the same price as black and white.

2009 – The world’s first tabloid/SRA3-sized Solid Ink multifunction printer, the ColorQube 9200 series, enables flexible pricing plans so customers don’t pay a lot for a little color on a page.

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