Managed Print Services are helping businesses all over the country take back control of their office. From cost to quality, to the overall business, MPS can do  it all.

Are your printing costs running away from you? Companies are looking to take more control over their office equipment in various areas including print, IT, repair, operation, and more. Managed Print Services is the solution to these concerns. MPS identifies areas of opportunity and provides activity tracking and analysis capabilities for all printing, photocopying, faxing, and scanning. Cutting costs every step of the way.

So what key areas can Managed Print Services affect in your business? Xerox has identified three areas that are proven to improve the document process.

  • Assess and Optimize: The first benefit you’ll see is cost savings—as much as 30% on total document costs. By printing for less, and printing less, you’ll also support your sustainability goals.
  • Secure and Integrate : As your MPS strategy matures, you’ll be able to do more, like improve document security and support mobile workers who need to print.
  • Automate and Simplify: At the most advanced level of MPS, you’ll see greater automation, integration and simplification of paper-based and digital processes.

It’s not just for big businesses. Companies of every size are reaping the benefits that Managed Print Services offers. Most businesses don’t realize how much they’re spending on print, how much time is spent on projects, and how often they spend repairing, managing, etc. MPS helps corporations and SMB’s alike cut costs and build a more productive work space. Managed Print services can reduce your printing costs by as much as 30 percent.

Document Technologies provides Boston and beyond with the best solutions at a reasonable price. Can you see areas of opportunity in your company? Is your print environment not where you’d like it to be? Contact us for an effiecient, cost-effective solution.