Office equipment is one of your businesses most important assets.

But is it really as secure as you think it is?

A few companies are finding themselves in prickly predicaments concerning their print environment. As technological development is at an all time high, so it our security threats. Document Technologies and Xerox are providing your business the opportunity to protect and manage your print environment without sacrificing your security.

Digital innovation is helping us step forward into the future.

Staying Secure

As a business that primarily deals in the digital sphere. A security threat is a very real concern. We try to cover all of our bases when it comes to securing our documents, but not every corner is an obvious one.

According to the Guardian, an incredible 90% of businesses have suffered security breaches due to unsecured printing. It sounds simple and stupid but it happens all the time. While we’re worrying about insecure Wi-Fi, the real culprit could be a sensitive document that’s still left in the printer tray.

Don’t be caught unaware! Ensure that all of your printers are secure to avoid a major breach in security.

Printing Secure

Print-on-demand (often known as pull printing) is the next step to total controlled, secure printing. The way it works is simple enough. Employees are given print job validations via a PIN code or card swipe. This is a simple, effective solution that will minimize security issues as well as cost in one smooth motion.

“Minimize cost?”

Yes, you heard us correctly! A printer that’s not secure can be a money-eating one. Investing in print validation, companies will also be ensuring that paper and ink isn’t being wasted. That means no more printed pages are being thrown out or never picked up.


The best, most secure way to print is with Xerox’ Print-On-Demand feature. Simple, easy to use, and instant; secure print is automatically activated when the print job is sent.

Is your device Print-On-Demand capable?

Finding out is easy! Visit the Xerox support page and enter your model number. Once it’s entered, search “Secure Print”  to see if the feature is available and how to use it.

See it in a action and check out this video: Send and Receive a Secure Print on the Xerox WorkCentre 7500 Series.

Document Technologies is helping you manage your office securely! Our team will work with you and your IT department to ensure that your business environment is secure yet accessible. Contacct us today and discover what Xerox has to offer your business