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Printers and Copiers are the best that Boston has to offer. These machines are ideal for a wide range of printing jobs at various speeds, sizes, and functionality. With high-speed and high-volume the opportunities are endless for your small or large business. Production Printers and Copiers are available for black & white and color with various features that you choose. Xerox has manufactured these printers and copiers to have the highest productivity rate as well as a various service options and opportunities.

Our Boston printers are cost-effective and efficient, covering a broad range of digital print applications that are ideal for high-volume projects. Customizable features are available for paper capacity and size range, as well as pages per minute (ppm). The image quality is superior among other machines making this the ideal for design opportunities.

V80 HDD review

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C60 / C70

More focused on applications – You tube C60/70

C60 C70 wins BLI Award for Light Production

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View the Award