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We all can Work Better with Xerox! We are now extending our services from office devices to office solutions! Your multifunction printer can already copy, print, fax, and scan, but now you can add additional services to make your day at the office a little easier.

No matter what your industry is, there’s a Xerox solution waiting to make your business operate on a higher level. Our office solutions can be paired with various software that you may already be using including Google Drive, the Cloud, and Office 365. Connect your entire office with these easily implemented solutions and empower your employees with a click of a button.

These solutions don’t end in the office!

Take Xerox with you through enhanced mobile services! Put the power in your employee’s hands. Xerox mobile solutions are giving your business a digital boost, including the opportunity for mobile printing-the next step towards a digital workplace. Improve productivity, cut cost, and use the time to increase your customer base.

Our team is dedicated to helping you work smart so you can work hard. Don’t spend valuable time wrestling with your office equipment. Let your devices work for you, not against you. We are your local Authorized Sales Agent, providing the tools you need to give your customers the best care.

Document Technologies is providing Massachusetts businesses the chance to fully automate and connect their office. Whether you’re in the office or out visiting clients, be connected to your devices for easy document retrieval, enhanced security, and boost your productivity.

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