Security is not a game, and never something that Xerox takes lightly. The industry giant continues to update their security measures near and far with the latest innovations and best practices. As the world gets more secure, more people are finding new, sneaky ways to bypass software in order to take what they want. Xerox isn’t one to turn a blind eye, that’s why they’ve released not one, but two new security measures that will fight counterfeit copy cats! These “printed memory” labels will be able to store information regarding authenticity and condition of products. From the manufacturer to the customer, Xerox can now ensure authenticity in a proactive way.

The first line of defense is the Xerox Printed Memory, announced last week. A next generation secure label that is bigger than it looks! The label contains up to 36 bits of rewritable memory and is able to store up to 68 billion points of data. This will be used to determine the authenticity of the product and be used to track its distribution to prove it legitimacy.

“Our printed memory products provide a cost efficient, highly secure method of authenticating and verifying information about a product as it moves through various distribution channels or as it is used,” said Steve Simpson, Xerox vice president responsible for Xerox Printed Memory.

The second line of defense is also Printed Memory but assisted with Cryptographic Technology similar to a QR code. The chip will only be able to be scanned by authorized personnel and their secure smartphone app for Android or iOS. With security paired with a chip, Xerox has created one of the most efficient anti-counterfeit solutions in the industry. “This makes it possible to ensure the integrity of a product from the time it leaves the factory to the time it gets into the hands of a customer” continues Vice President Steve Simpson.

Innovative technology has made it even more difficult to be copied, saving thousands of customers from potentially fraudulent products. When you choose Xerox, you’re choosing the best that the industry has to offer. Feel protected and secure with the latest measures and practices to ensure not only quality products, but safe ones as well.

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